Welcome to the Dilshan R Jayakody’s Home Page !

Whether you were looking for it or not, you have found the homepage of Dilshan R Jayakody. In this web site I publish all my interested topics and general updates. If you are looking details of my personal projects (which include electronics, software and mechanical stuff) please check my blogger web log at http://jayakody2000lk.blogspot.com.

Version: 3.1
GE d+(+)>+ s: !a C++++ UL*++++ P+++ L+++(+++) !E W++(++)? !N 
!o !K-- w !O M+ !V PS- PE+
Y+(+) !PGP t 5-- X-- !R tv-- b++++(++++)>++++ DI D+ G e++ 
h() !r y?

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